середа, 20 листопада 2013 р.

Модель успішних команд проектів

Від нашого гуру Саші вирізка з його спілкування з крутим гуру Майкрософт. Мені подобається ця модель!

Few notes from meetings with Brian Harry in New York last week. Brian is unit manager for MS TFS team (managing over 1000 engineers). He is farmer. When Microsoft hunted him, he refused to move to Redmond, and works mostly remotely. And during his management over last few years, MS TFS become leading ALM platform. As for me – real breakthrough in quality and speed of development for Microsoft team.

There are few things I agree with him – how they built agile process for his teams:
  1. No complex hierarchy – flat team structure. There is list of teams organized per feature, all they report to manager.
  2. Teams are stable and intact for 12-18 months.
  3. Teams has only 3 roles – PM (product manager), DEV, QA. On average 1 PM, 6-8 developers, 3-4 QA. 
  4. No functional offices. No architecture comities.
  5. PM is responsible for product backlog and priorities. It is nonsense when PM has no clue in software internals. There are no scrum masters at all.
  6. Team sits in one room, with 1-2 small cubicles for meetings. There was some resistance at start to destroy cubicles, but only 3 or 4 persons leave the job (out of 1000)
  7. No scrum of scrum overhead. On end of every sprint there is single email with 2-3 video recorded about value that team created during this sprint. No daily/weekly reports and other managerial overhead.

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